Supporting Partners

Lizmar & Nelson

Generous funders and supporting partners make it possible for Environmental Stewards to operate programs that empower individuals to positively impact their lives, their communities and the environment. Whether it's through grant support, program sponsorship, collaborative marketing or gear support, our funders and supporting partners are investing in the future of their communities and the environment.

Interested in becoming a funder or supporting partner? We'll work together to develop a unique partnership that reflects our aligned missions and impact. To get started, email: [email protected]


"Management responsiveness and communication are both excellent. Training is efficient and effective. Problems of an individual nature were addressed very quickly and appropriately. Management was very careful not to waste supervisor time in any way and seems to exist to help us do our jobs. This is very much appreciated."
-John Jones - Research Geographer, USGS Eastern Geographic Science Center

Supporting Partner Highlight

The Tiffany Foundation has generously supported Environmental Stewards over the last three years in a unique partnership that provides site support for non-profit organizations in Colorado and New Mexico that are affected by historical mining. Tiffany Foundation funds help match funds from the local organization to reduce the overall cost of getting and Environmental Steward intern.