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Environmental StewardsThe Environmental Stewards (ES) Program is a program of Conservation Legacy (previously Southwest Conservation Corps).

Environmental Stewards offers land and water management agencies and non-profit organizations opportunities to accomplish specific projects and provides individual placements for young people “Stewards” interested in gaining experience inSamuel Lacen natural and cultural resource management. With support from ES Program staff, Stewards are placed with state and federal programs and non-profits (host sites) in 10-week to year-long positions through-out the United States. Please view the following pages if you are either interested in partnering with Conservation Legacy to become a host site, or if you are interested in becoming a Steward.

The Environmental Stewards program started in 2010 and in the last three years has placed 226 Stewards in 26 states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Stewards participate in a variety activities working alongside non-profits and state and federal agencies to make a difference in their communities.

William GoWacki



"I still can't believe that I got the job with the USGS.  If it were not for that internship I probably would not have my job with the USGS.  I'm very thankful to the Environmental Stewards and for the Americorps internship.  This internship literally opened the doors for my career!"

Jose Santiago - Environmental Steward