About Environmental Stewards

Environmental Stewards (ES) is dedicated to providing a high quality experience to young adults who are interested in gaining experience in a variety of conservation and environmental research projects while also assisting agencies and organizations meet their missions.

In partnership with public and private agencies and organizations nationwide, the Environmental Stewards program recruits, selects and places young adults supported by a local mentor or supervisor. The ES Program is proven partner for many agencies and organizations who are in need of young, talented youth to help them meet their mission. A partnership with Environmental Stewards gives organizations flexibility on the recruitment, selection and mentorship of young adult that can be of most benefit to their projects without the partner having to worry about the overall administrative management of this individual.

The ES Program is strongly committed to engaging local and diverse youth to fill positions and helps sites support and recruit such individuals. ES staff help provide support in outreach and recruiting to these young adults and work hard to insure that experiences that they receive are productive and rewarding. In partnership with AmeriCorps, the majority of Environmental Steward members receive an education award upon completion of their term of service.


"I still can't believe that I got the job with the USGS.  If it were not for that internship I probably would not have my job with the USGS.  I'm very thankful to the Environmental Stewards and for the Americorps internship.  This internship literally opened the doors for my career!"

Jose Santiago - Environmental Steward