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Environmental Stewards offers a diverse set of opportunities that engage young people in meaningful service to our public lands and waters. Programs vary in length, location, focus and population served. The Environmental Steward Program focuses on engaging local and diverse young people to participate in the program and works closely with agency/non-profit partners to insure the individual fits the position. Below is a list of the current programs that Environmental Stewards offers.

Program Details

Summer and Short Term Internships
Young adults complete a variety of projects in terms of service that range generally from 10-12 weeks. These individuals are placed with a local site supervisor and mentor to complete a variety of conservation and/or environmental resource management projects in sites across the country.

Long Term Internships
Young adults spend six months to one year in a placement focused on conservation and/or environmental resource management. The longer term placements are focused on a variety of projects and most of the members are college graduates with expertise and experience in the field. Members generally receive significant training, professional development and/or opportunities for travel as part of their position.

William GoWacki



"I still can't believe that I got the job with the USGS.  If it were not for that internship I probably would not have my job with the USGS.  I'm very thankful to the Environmental Stewards and for the Americorps internship.  This internship literally opened the doors for my career!"

Jose Santiago - Environmental Steward