Environmental Stewards can help you accomplish critical conservation projects while providing young adults an opportunity to learn about land management issues and challenges. Partnering becomes a win/win situation for the community, Environmental Stewards members, and land managers by providing meaningful opportunities for young people complete important community and natural resource projects.  Environmental Stewards has a successful record of placing individuals nationwide to complete conservation projects.

Types of Projects

  Watershed Restoration

  Desert Restoration

  Fire Rehabilitation

  Tree Planting and Seeding

  Environmental Monitoring

  Invasive Species Management

  Fence Construction &


  Trail Construction &


  Mining Reclamation &


  Water Conservation

  Historic Preservation

  Inventorying & Mapping

  Sustainable &

  Historic Agriculture

  Wildlife &

  Botanical Surveys

  Parks &

  Campground Maintenance


"Management responsiveness and communication are both excellent. Training is efficient and effective. Problems of an individual nature were addressed very quickly and appropriately. Management was very careful not to waste supervisor time in any way and seems to exist to help us do our jobs. This is very much appreciated."
-John Jones - Research Geographer, USGS Eastern Geographic Science Center

For additional details about how to partner with us, what we provide, what a partner provides, what it costs for an intern or to ask other questions about how ES can interact with you and your agency/organization please contact:  Michael Rendon at [email protected].


For a 2015 on-line application, please click here.


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"The work performed by the member was critical to the biological program at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge...One of the best interns I have encountered in almost 15 years of government service."
-Darrin Welchert - Wildlife Biologist, US Fish & Wildlife Service

why Environmental Stewards?

  • Individual and personalized attention from Environmental Stewards staff
  • Experience recruiting local and diverse young adults with expereince
  • Partner cost primarly goes to help provide liviable weekly stipend for the member