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The Environmental Stewards Program provides opportunities for individual placements within your organization and that are supported and managed by Environmental Stewards staff.

How do we help you meet your mission?

Environmental Stewards can assist your agency or organization with a wide range of activities including: water monitoring, surveys, program development, volunteer project organization, outreach and education, GIS mapping, interpretive services, trail maintenance and building, and other hands-on work related to environmental stewardship. At the same time, these positions are intended to provide professional development and hands-on experience with environmental and conservation projects for the Steward. Environmental Stewards Staff can help with recruitment, but interviewing and final Steward selection is completely up to the Partner

Nelson with USGS

Expectations of Agency/Organization hosting an Environmental Steward

  • Identify meaningful project(s) and complete work plan
  • Conduct local recruiting and selection of Environmental Steward(s)
  • Provide supervision, mentor-ship and oversight of Steward, including performance evaluations, and orientation of Environmental Steward(s) to host agency and proposed duties
  • Payment of program cost dependent on program duration.

Expectations of Environmental Stewards Program Administration

  • Conduct applicant intake and Steward enrollment and personnel paperwork
  • Administration of living allowance, workers compensation, liability insurance, personnel management, orientation to AmeriCorps, and assistance to Environmental Steward as needed
  • Provide the AmeriCorps Educational Award to Environmental Steward upon successful completion of the program
  • Assist with cooperative agreement mechanisms, invoice hosting sites and process payments
  • Provide AmeriCorps Education Award between $1,175 - $5,550 depending on length of service

Expectations of Environmental Steward

  • Complete reporting of project accomplishments
  • Timely completion and submission of all personnel paperwork, time-sheets, and reports
  • Adherence to SCC and agency/partner policies and procedures
  • Reporting of any safety related incidents related to the stated job duties

Timeframe for Environmental Stewards

  • Submission of Environmental Stewards Program Applications: On-going
  • Program Start Dates: Anytime though-out the year.

How to Apply for an Environmental Steward(s)

  • Please complete a site application, send completed application back to Michael Rendon, Program Director - [email protected]

To learn more about our national partnerships or how to partner with another Conservation Legacy program visit

Project Partners
Project Partners

Learn more about how to partner with the Environmental Stewards Program to accomplish your projects.

Supporting Partners
Supporting Partners

Generous funders and supporting partners make it possible for Environmental Stewards to operate programs that empower individuals to positively impact their lives, their communities and the environment.


"The work performed by the member was critical to the biological program at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge...One of the best interns I have encountered in almost 15 years of government service."
-Darrin Welchert - Wildlife Biologist, US Fish & Wildlife Service

why Environmental Stewards?

  • Individual and personalized attention from Environmental Stewards staff
  • Experience recruiting local and diverse young adults with expereince
  • Partner cost primarly goes to help provide liviable weekly stipend for the member


"Management responsiveness and communication are both excellent. Training is efficient and effective. Problems of an individual nature were addressed very quickly and appropriately. Management was very careful not to waste supervisor time in any way and seems to exist to help us do our jobs. This is very much appreciated."
-John Jones - Research Geographer, USGS Eastern Geographic Science Center