Welcome to The International Environmental Science Center


The IESC is a multi-disciplinary initiativedeveloped within the International Professors Project, a 501 (c) (3) public charity. 

Our aim is to connect environmental scientists, engineers, professors and students from around the world.

1)       Through the use of our database and forums, you can connect with scientists and engineers around the world who are working on similar issues. You can exchange ideas, collaborate and communicate with each other. 

2)       Together,  we can assist scientists and engineers working and/or studying in less developed nations by providing information, educational materials and mentorship. We can achieve this by the use of our database, library and resources.

3)       Students from all nations can connect with experts and other students from around the world to obtain educational materials, discuss potential research topics, and form collaborations. 

4)       Members can get involved with our research initiatives.  

5) Since we strongly believe that communication is the key to the reversal of environmental degradation, we also offer the unique opportunity for our environmental stewards  to collaborate with our members who specialize in all forms of communications (i.e. journalism, script writing, digital media, etc).   These unique relationships can be the beginning of many important environmental initiatives.  [MORE]