About IPP

The goal of the International Professors Project (IPP) is to facilitate the internationalization of higher education in the developing world. We  accomplish this by utilizating expatriate scholar to establish a new type of professor, as a new convention.

IPP scholars, who are more or less unattached to locale, can operate with technology to form informal and social-network-driven global channels for the incubation and flow of academics, ideas, research and program designs for curriculum.  In addition, IPP can mentor graduate students, new instructors, and professors in the ways of becoming a professor.

These goals will be accomplished through our Global Nodal Network comprised of professors, instructors, autonomous groups/projects, and alliances with NPOs and For-profit organizations. As an additional benefit, Global Nodal Network professors, professionals and students may apply to be an "International Professors Fellow", where they can form their own autonomous group or project, such as a discussion/forum or research group within the parent IPP.

The Global Network is its own mission as well. It is in close collaboration with our International Professors, Instructors, Fellows, project -running Board Directors, and all expatriate professors. The Global Network is a new and growing corps within our organization.